About Us

Who are we?

Untold Crafts is a passion venture created by Pedro Beça  —  an experienced designer, he has made his mark in product, interior, and spatial design over the past 10 years. He recently served as a Venture Lead & Senior Experience Designer at Veriteer in London and Amsterdam. Prior to that, he held the role of Product Designer and Head of Design and Brand Experience at Monocle Magazine in London. Now, Pedro is embarking on a new adventure with Untold Crafts — a mission to inspire and empower independent entrepreneurs by celebrating their vision and providing practical support.
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What we do?

At Untold Crafts, we recognise that creativity extends beyond the final product—it resides in the very process that shapes it. Our mission is to delve into the untold stories, the craftsmanship, and the passion that breathe life into every place, every business, and every specialist. It’s not just about the “Whats,” but equally about the “Hows” and “Whys.”

Processes and outcomes

While most blogs emphasise outcomes, Untold Crafts takes a different path. We celebrate the journey— the original concepts brought to life through hard work, the crumpled papers, setbacks and plot twists that create remarkable places. Our focus extends beyond the final product to honour the creativity behind it.

Content-Rich experience

At Untold Crafts, we believe in quality content. Our website, Instagram page, and upcoming podcast and YouTube channel offer more than mere glimpses. They provide a content-rich experience —
a backstage pass to creativity, inspiration, and untold stories.

Local yet international

Our lens spans the globe. From the bustling streets of London to the vibrant alleys of Hong Kong, we spotlight brilliant independent businesses. Untold Crafts bridges local authenticity with a global perspective.

Untold Crafts Studio

Beyond storytelling, we offer practical support. Our Untold Crafts Studio provides a diverse range of design and content creation services. We help businesses share their unique narratives and fulfil their missions.


At Untold Crafts, our purpose is to inspire and empower independent businesses. Our content is organised into four key categories. It is created collaboratively with various businesses owners, entrepreneurs, and experts aiming to share their unique perspectives and expertise with the world.


Discover independent retail shops that stand out - Soulful places filled with creativity and charisma. Beyond products, it's about the people and their stories


Step into small cafés and local restaurants that go the extra mile to provide exceptional experiences. Above the order you've placed, you become part of their untold story.


Behind every business lies a story waiting to be told. Meet the entrepreneurs, the dreamers, and the visionaries who shape our world.


Learn from industry experts — From creative directors to coffee connoisseurs. Their insights and wisdom provide valuable lessons for anyone seeking to transform spaces. It’s all in the details.

Untold Specs

One of our highlights is the “Untold Specs.” Here, we curate a comprehensive list of specifications shared by different businesses and owners. From furniture choices to wall paint hues, readers can explore the ingredients that transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.
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