Beyond the untold stories, we offer practical support. Our Untold Crafts Studio provides a diverse range of design and content creation services. We help businesses share their unique narratives and fulfil their missions.

Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — to bring out the storytelling of each place and share it with the world
Picture of Pedro, the founder of Untold Crafts
Pedro Beça
Founder & Creative Director
Pedro Beça, an experienced designer, has made his mark in product, interior, and spatial design over the past 10 years. He recently served as a Venture Lead & Senior Experience Designer at Veriteer in London and Amsterdam. Prior to that, he held the role of Product Designer and Head of Design and Brand Experience at Monocle in London.
Picture of Tania, Social media manager of Untold Crafts
Tânia Pais
Social Media & Marketing
With a background in musical theatre, Tania easily brings out captivating stories and deeply engages audiences. From Formula 1 events to content creation for diverse clients, Tania uses words, video and images to share individual stories that connect.

What we do?

Our mission is to assist businesses in sharing their distinctive narratives and fulfilling their core missions. Our diverse range of services seamlessly complement one another, all with the ultimate aim of creating exceptional experiences for our partners’ customers.

Graphic design

We handle everything — from window vinyls to menu boards, coffee cups to napkins. Even the things you didn’t know you needed, we’ve got you covered.

Our team performs on-site audits and collaborates with you to optimise your printed operational materials. This ensures you maximise the value of your allocated budgets.
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Experience design

Brand perception plays a crucial role in engaging your customer base. Consistency and the right visual identity matter, not only in the digital world but also in the physical realm.

Our team can conduct on-site audits and collaborate with you to create a plan that elevates your customer experience to new heights
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Spatial design

Feeling tired of your current layout? Is that corner just not working? Do you need help with your Pop-up design?

Let’s have a chat! We can assist you in planning a refreshing update with captivating 3D renderings. Immerse yourself in the possibilities for a better design.
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Content creation

Elevate your social media presence with our team’s expertise in content creation.

Stand out from the competition and start building a loyal customer base.
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Social media management

Managing weekly posts and content planning can be overwhelming.

Leave it to us—we’ll co-plan and expertly manage your social media presence, ensuring a consistently great experience for your customers
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Video and Photography

Video and photography are at the heart of our creative core.

Whether it’s capturing delectable food and captivating spaces for your online presence or producing video series that highlight the perfect stories for your audience, we're here for you and your brand.
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Let's work together

We’d love to know what you’re aiming for and what kind of budget you’re playing with. Shoot us a message—we’re all ears
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